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eDreams Car Rental Booking Cancellation Complaint

June 16, 7:08 pm

My eDreams Reservation Got Cancelled Without Notice

June 13, 11:53 pm

Skyscanner Booking with eDreams Failed, Payment Not Refunded

June 10, 5:47 pm
Skyscanner Booking with eDreams Failed, Payment Not Refunded

Still Waiting for My Refund from eDreams

June 03, 10:12 am
Still Waiting for My Refund from eDreams

eDreams Unauthorized Membership Charge Complaint

June 01, 11:59 pm

eDreams "Unauthorized Prime Membership Charge Complaint"

May 30, 11:17 am

eDreams Flight Ticket Misspelling Name

May 29, 6:09 am

eDreams Car Rental Issues and Cancellation Policy Hassle

May 27, 8:27 pm

Flexy Ticket Service Did Not Work + Lying Over The Phone Call

May 24, 1:00 pm

eDreams Payment Deducted, No Ticket Received

May 22, 1:53 pm

eDreams Charged for Paris to Antalya Flight, But No Reservation

May 22, 11:50 am
eDreams Charged for Paris to Antalya Flight, But No Reservation
eDreams Charged for Paris to Antalya Flight, But No Reservation
eDreams Charged for Paris to Antalya Flight, But No Reservation
eDreams Charged for Paris to Antalya Flight, But No Reservation

eDreams Car Rental Didn't Refund 1500 Euro Deposit

May 14, 12:28 pm

eDreams Car Rental Failure in Jordan

May 04, 9:15 am
eDreams Car Rental Failure in Jordan

eDreams Ticket Change Request

May 02, 4:59 pm
eDreams Ticket Change Request
eDreams Ticket Change Request
eDreams Ticket Change Request

eDreams Canceled Flight With British Airways

April 27, 5:40 pm

eDreams Cancelled Flight & Missing Refund Issue

April 17, 2:20 pm
eDreams Cancelled Flight & Missing Refund Issue

Unauthorized Transaction By eDreams From My Credit Card

April 04, 6:26 pm

eDreams Car Rental Refund Delay

April 04, 12:50 pm

eDreams Car Rental Reservation Canceled

April 02, 2:57 pm

eDreams Missing Wizz Air Ticket (Budapest - Brussels) & No Customer Support!

March 23, 3:41 pm
eDreams Missing Wizz Air Ticket (Budapest - Brussels) & No Customer Support!
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is eDreams safe to book with?
  • eDreams is commonly regarded as a reliable platform for booking. It has been in business for over 20 years as an Online Travel Agency (OTA) and most importantly eDreams is subject to regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in the United Kingdom. This implies that meeting specific standards of customer protection is necessary.
  • However; it is worth highlighting that eDreams operates as an online travel agency (OTA) and does not have ownership or control over any airlines or hotels. When customers make a flight or hotel booking through eDreams, they are directly linked to the respective airline or hotel. In the event of any issues or concerns with the reservation, it becomes necessary for customers to communicate and address them directly with the airline or hotel involved. eDreams acts as an intermediary, facilitating the connection between customers and travel providers.
Why does eDreams cancel flight reservations?
  • - Flight reservations made through eDreams can be canceled for a variety of reasons:
  • - The airline cancels the flight itself due to technical, scheduling, or other force majeure.
  • - Your reservation was not paid in full. If you do not pay for your flight, eDreams reserves the right to cancel your reservation.
  • - Violation of the terms and conditions of your booking. When you book a flight with eDreams, you agree to follow their terms and conditions. If you violate these terms, eDreams reserves the right to cancel your reservation.
  • - Errors in the reservation process. If an error occurred during the booking process, eDreams has the right to cancel your reservation.
How can I get a refund from eDreams customer service
  • First, see if you are eligible for a refund according to the booking conditions. It is important to confirm in advance whether your tickets are refundable.
  • Second, get in touch with eDreams by calling: You can contact eDreams by visiting their website, calling them, or sending them an email. When you call, make sure you have your reservation number handy.
  • Third, you must provide the necessary documentation to eDreams to receive a refund. A copy of your passport, your flight itinerary, or a letter from your doctor explaining why you need a refund due to illness are all examples of such documentation.
  • Last, wait for eDreams to evaluate your refund request and respond with a decision. In most cases, you can expect to hear back from them with an update within a week or so.
Does eDreams charge fees for its services?
  • Yes. However, how much you'll pay depends on several variables, such as the specific product or service you buy, the booking channel you employ, and so on.
  • Service fee: eDreams' service fee is most of the time non-refundable; if you cancel your reservation, you will not be reimbursed for the service fee. eDreams' primary charge is a service fee equal to about 10% of the cost of airfare and 5% of the cost of a hotel room.
  • Transaction fee: If you choose to pay for your reservation with a credit card, you will also be subject to a transaction fee. This fee averages about 2% of the total amount transacted.
  • Cancelation fee: If you need to cancel your reservation with eDreams, you may incur a cancellation fee. This fee varies in price depending on the nature of the reservation and when it is canceled.
  • Before making a reservation with eDreams, it is highly advised that you read the terms and conditions carefully to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Because eDreams's policies and fees are subject to change please check with the company for the most up-to-date information.
What do to if eDreams refund process is delayed?
  • If the eDreams refund process is taking longer than expected, you might want to follow these steps:
  • Contact eDreams customer service. When you contact them, make sure you have your booking reference number handy.
  • Request an update. You can do so using the eDreams customer support contact information below. Complain to online reviews and complaint sites. Don’t forget the louder your voice is, the more possible they’ll hear you.
  • Consider legal action: If everything else fails and you are unable to obtain a refund from eDreams, you may need to file a small claims court lawsuit against eDreams. However, it is critical to consult with a legal professional to fully understand the procedures and requirements in your jurisdiction. Keep meticulous records of all communication and documentation pertaining to your refund request. This will be useful evidence if you need to escalate the situation further.
What is eDreams customer service contact information?
  • To contact eDreams customer service, you have several options:
  • eDreams App: You can make changes or cancel your flight, check the status of a request, resend the confirmation email, request an invoice, select your seats, and more.
  • Help Centre Page: https://www.edreams.net/customer-service/ There, you can find comprehensive information and solutions to common queries.
  • Email: You can email eDreams customer service at [email protected]. Simply send them an email with your inquiry or concern, and they will assist you accordingly.
  • Kris (Chatbot): Kris, their chatbot, is available 24/7 to provide support and answer your questions. You can interact with Kris on their website or through the app.
  • eDreams Prime Customer Service: If you are an eDreams Prime member, you have exclusive access to a dedicated customer service line that operates 24/7. The hotline number can be found in any email you received when you booked your trip as a Prime member.
  • Other customers can call 844-539-6719, and some users suggest repeatedly pressing 0 to reach a representative faster. Another alternative number is 929-270-4024. Choose the contact method that is most convenient for you.

About eDreams

eDreams is a leading online travel agency industry, offering a full suite of services and products to customers all over the world. The company has numerous locations, making it possible to serve customers all over the world. eDreams provides a variety of options for planning and enjoying trips. Customers can use the site to make reservations for flights, hotels, rental cars, and vacation packages. eDreams partners with many different airlines, hotels, and other service providers to provide a wide range of options for travelers of all financial means and personal tastes.