From Complaints to Compliments

Xolvie, It is a solution platform that undertakes the role of a bridge between customers and brands.
By offering customer experiences and brand solutions, it makes it easy for millions of visitors to make decisions in their shopping.
Customers can express their voices to the brand and convey their complaints.
Brands can turn complaints into satisfaction and increase their customer base.
We also share customer reviews and brand resolutions, enabling millions of visitors to make more informed decisions about where to place their purchasing power and their trust.

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The percentage of people who read customer experiences on Xolvie before purchasing a product or service


Reasons that attract the consumer to Xolvie

A simple, straightforward way to resolve an issue.

Xolvie's quick and easy enrollment and resolution processes empower consumers to file a complaint with any company free of charge, to send a compliment to that brand after a resolution is reached and to view both complaints and compliments before making purchasing decisions. We also publish satisfaction ratings, which encourages businesses to respond to complaints quickly and in good faith.

Consumer Reference Site

Because we make it completely transparent, our complaint resolution process has also made Xolvie a powerful consumer reference site. With nearly 14,000 complaints submitted daily, it's easy to access detailed information about businesses of interest to you before you begin shopping. You can read about disputes secure in the knowledge that each complaint was written by an actual customer, not a bot or a troll.

Ease in Finding Solutions

Our critical mass of reviews and satisfaction ratings, and the high volume of traffic on our site, informs purchasing decisions and affects brand preferences. Each dollar spent after visiting Xolvie is spent with greater knowledge and intention, allowing consumers to influence brands and brands to better serve consumers.

What does it provide to brands?

Brand/Industry Analysis

By working with Xolvie's straightforward tools, brands can transform grievances into gratitude. Deepen brand loyalty and expand your customer base through actions, not words.

Feedback Mechanism

Our system's public, transparent nature makes it a feedback mechanism. It allows you to measure the success or failure of handling customer complaints and to identify the most effective strategy for your business in light of actual data. Customer complaints about a product or service can serve as a primary source of learning for brands, allowing you to focus on clearly identified weaknesses and to know your strengths.

Winning Back Unhappy Customers

Xolvie creates an opportunity for brands to regain their existing customers who have complaints about their products or services and to create loyal customers.

Win over undecided customers, who are looking for brands to trust.

It has been demonstrated that 92% of consumers read customer reviews before buying a product or service. This means that complaints resolved by Xolvie help you to build the trust, not just of frustrated customers but of potential customers, who are mining customer reviews on the Xolvie site that are rich with brand information.

Get to know your customers and your own business better.

Xolvie empowers brands to either write a reply to a complaint or to contact customers directly to resolve an issue. By listening closely and engaging in good faith, brands can change, not just customer experiences, but hearts and minds. The process deepens brands' understanding of consumer attitudes, behaviors and expectations. With the knowledge gained, it's easier to develop more people-friendly products and services, and improve business practices to benefit everyone.