Vestel 50Q9900 TV Panel Type Misrepresentation Complaint

June 12, 3:08 pm

About a month ago, I purchased a Vestel 50Q9900 television model intending to choose an IPS panel for better viewing from above. To verify this, I queried Vestel about the panel type using the serial number, and I was assured it was an "IPS" panel. I confirmed this multiple times before installation. However, upon setting up the TV, I discovered it actually had a "VA" panel. Initially, I was informed that having a "VA" panel instead of "IPS" might pose a problem. After the service confirmed through video recordings that the panel was indeed "VA," nearly a month had passed. Today, I had a very unusual conversation where I was informed that while they could exchange the product, they couldn't guarantee the replacement would be an IPS panel. Alternatively, they suggested a return. I spent considerable time researching and selecting this TV, specifically needing an IPS panel due to the layout of my room. The solutions offered now do not adequately address my frustration. Personally, I find it absurd for a brand like "Vestel" to state, "We can exchange it, but we cannot guarantee if the replacement will be IPS." If desired, I'm confident that a model with an IPS panel could be sent. Despite my efforts to communicate effectively, I'm compelled to write here due to the issues faced. I've attached the relevant video and request resolution of my grievance.

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