ResumeCoach ISN'T FREE But They Won't Tell You Until The End. SCAM

April 09, 1:45 pm

When you go to their website they say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about having to pay for their service. When you start building your resume, it looks like it is free. You waste a lot of time making your resume nice and accurate and when you finally reach the end they ask you to pay to download the resume! It's something that should be mentioned right away on the home page, BEFORE you start building your resume, not at the end! If they had mentioned I had to pay $0.95 to download my resume, I would have left immediately without complaining. I wasted a lot of time building my resume and now, I have to do it all over again, hoping that other resume-building websites won't waste my time the same way this website did. ResumeCoach takes advantage of people. Their business is a SCAM.

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