New Balance Shoes Warranty Scam

April 25, 8:50 am

I purchased sports shoes for my child from the New Balance store in Nişantaşı on November 23rd. In January, my daughter complained that the Velcro on the shoes wasn't holding. Since the product was under warranty, I took it to the store for inspection. After more than a month, the result came back, stating that there was no manufacturing defect. It's hard to understand how the Velcro of a New Balance shoe worn for two months could be damaged. Was my child busy opening and closing the Velcro all day long? Even lower-priced shoes don't have such issues, so what's the point of the brand's warranty? I requested a replacement for the Velcro, but the brand is not standing behind its product. Despite my second attempt, I received the same response. New Balance's suggestion is quite interesting: "File a complaint with the Consumer Arbitration Board." Customer service also lacks a customer-oriented approach, responding with, "That's the brand policy." These factors should be considered when making a purchase. Despite their products being thirty percent more expensive in Turkey, they exhibit a careless attitude towards after-sales service.

New Balance Shoes Warranty Scam
New Balance Shoes Warranty Scam
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