Electrolux PerfectCare 800 Dryer And The Never-ending Water Leaking Issue

May 17, 6:32 pm

I chose this machine two years ago after extensive research, and I honestly don't know if I've ever made such a mistake after researching so much. I am not satisfied with the product at all, not to mention the service. I cleaned the product meticulously after almost every drying cycle, with great care and attention to detail, and yet it started leaking water from underneath after 1.5 years. Moreover, we don't even use the machine that frequently. Of course, we called the service. They said it needed maintenance and charged us 2,500 ₺ in November 2023. I asked a question: the product has a warranty, there's no reason to take it out of warranty. Why am I paying? The service's response was that it needed annual maintenance due to accumulated dust, etc. So, reluctantly, we paid the fee. Yesterday, exactly 5 months later, we encountered the same problem again, despite cleaning it even more meticulously and carefully. The technician from the service said there was no problem with the water pump, it was again due to excessive lint accumulation, etc.! When I asked if I had to pay 2,500 ₺ every 5 months, he had no answer. Then he saw my dog and said it was clogged because of our pet! So, I, as an allergic person, buy a dryer, and apparently, it gets clogged because of our pet. They opened the machine, did some tests, said it was fixed, and left. The next day, I encountered the same problem again. When I called the service again and told them the problem persisted, they said we needed to take it to the workshop :) So, if you're going to buy Electrolux, you should be prepared to pay hefty service fees for no reason from time to time, oh, and also be prepared for everything to be wet everywhere! I am absolutely, absolutely, absolutely not satisfied. This is the first time I've ever written such a complaint about a product.

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