Siemens Built-in Oven Circuit Board Failure

May 17, 9:48 pm

My Siemens built-in oven has experienced its 5th circuit board failure while still under warranty. Most recently, on May 11, 2024, it malfunctioned again right after a board replacement. Upon contacting Siemens service, technicians inspected the unit, including voltage levels, which were stable at 229 volts. Since purchasing, the oven has encountered 5 circuit board failures, prompting 5 replacements. When it malfunctioned again within a day, I requested a product replacement, as this was highly abnormal. Other Siemens appliances in my home, dating back to 2009, have never had such issues. However, the oven's repeated failures led me to request a replacement. The service representative, Ms. A*****, called on May 17, 2024, denying the replacement request, citing user error. I rebutted, stating the oven wasn't even in use when it malfunctioned. She attributed it to voltage fluctuations. I demanded proof, suggesting a report from the power company, which they couldn't provide. I obtained a report independently, confirming stable voltage during the malfunction. Siemens' refusal to honor my replacement request and their baseless allegations are unacceptable. I will escalate this to the Consumer Court if my request isn't met, and I will inform Siemens headquarters via email.

Siemens Built-in Oven Circuit Board Failure
Siemens Built-in Oven Circuit Board Failure
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