League of Legends Mobbing Leads to Unfair Ban in Ranked Match

April 23, 10:34 pm

In a ranked match, I found myself in a situation of mobbing, resulting in a ban! I started the game, chose the jungle role. Another player chose Syndra as a marksman character, which is fine, but they repeatedly carried the monster to the dragon and mid-lane areas while I was trying to farm. By the fifth minute, I still couldn't clear the red monster. There was no marksman in the bottom lane, where there should have been, and yet I, in the jungle role, had to carry the game. If I leave the game, I get penalized. Due to such players, I lose my desire to play, and yet, I get penalized again. Not to mention the stress it causes, leading to losing the match and receiving a 14-day ban from the game. Even after reaching out for support, the response was, "you're wrong." What kind of system is this?

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