I've used the same resume template on Resume Coach for a while, and want to give my resume a fresh look. How can I change it?

Xolvie Resolution Specialist January 15, 12:18 am

If you've been using the same Resume Coach template and want to make it look different, here's how:

There is an easy way to change your resume template on Resume Coach. You are asked to choose a resume template when you first sign up. These steps will help you change to a different template:

• Sign in to your account here:
Use your credentials to get into your Resume Coach account.

• How to get to the Editing Resume Page:
Go to the page for editing your resume. This is where you can manage and change the information on your resume.

• Choose a New Template: On the page where you edit your resume, you'll see a preview of your resume and a list of the templates that are available. Pick the template that looks good to you and fits the new look you want.

• Preview and Import: When you choose a new template, you can see a preview of how your data will look in the new design. This lets you see how things look before you make the final choice. Once you're happy, your data will be imported into the new template without any problems.

• Fill Out Sections That Are Relevant: To continue making your resume, fill out all the sections that are relevant to you with your information. Resume Coach walks you through each section with helpful examples and tips, making sure you have a complete and well-written resume.

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