I've decided to cancel my Resume Coach plan, but I can't seem to find the cancellation option. What is their policy?

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Xolvie Resolution Specialist January 15, 12:18 am

The cancellation policy for Resume Coach is as follows:

To avoid the "membership fee," customers who subscribe to the 14 Days Basic plan must cancel their subscription before the end of the initial trial period, which begins on the date they receive the payment confirmation email.

• Customers can cancel their subscription plans using two methods:

- Accessing their personal account/private profile on the website, then going to the "Subscription" section and selecting the option to cancel the plan.
- Contacting the Customer Service Department through the provided channels, with the option of identity verification.

Refunds are not applicable to digital professional documents, such as CVs, obtained from Resume Coach. The withdrawal right does not apply, given the digital nature of these documents, as they are automatically used by the user upon download.

Given that the cancelation policy is subject to company policies, it's recommended to verify the current timeline directly with the Resume Coach.