I have a job application deadline approaching, what's the typical time required to create a well-rounded resume through the Resume Coach?

Xolvie Resolution Specialist January 15, 12:18 am

How long it takes to make a complete resume with Resume Coach depends on several factors.

It could take anywhere from three to five hours if you're starting from scratch or making major changes to an existing resume. If you already have a good resume, though, the process of optimizing it might only take one to three hours. The speed is affected by how involved you are in giving detailed information during the coaching steps. A more active participation speeds up the process.

It also depends on how complicated your job is; if your job is simple, making your resume might go faster, but if your job is complicated or varied, it might take longer. The total time can also be longer if more than one revision is needed, in addition to the one offered by Resume Coach.

In short, you should plan to spend at least one to two hours on the coaching modules and giving people the information they need. Give yourself more time to look over and finalize your resume after getting the first draft.

Even though Resume Coach makes the process easier, you still need to do some self-reflection and make sure your information is correct to make a well-rounded resume. The best results will come from starting early, being involved in the coaching process, and being patient.

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