I've created my resume using Resume Coach, and now I need to make some updates. Where can I find my resume to edit it on Resume Coach?

Xolvie Resolution Specialist January 15, 12:18 am

After creating your resume with Resume Coach, you can access it for editing via their platform or the downloaded file:

• Resume Coach Platform:

- Log into your Resume Coach account via their website or app.
- The dashboard displays your most recent finished resume.
- Go to the "My Resumes" section and select a specific resume for editing.
- If you have not downloaded the final version, you can request a revision through the platform.

• Downloaded file:

- Check your computer's downloads folder for the completed resume file.
- Look for a file called "your_name_resume.pdf" or something similar.
- Examine the email from Resume Coach; it may contain a download link for your resume.

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