I'm not receiving Resume Coach password reset emails, how can I regain access?

Xolvie Resolution Specialist January 15, 12:18 am

If Resume Coach isn't sending you emails to reset your password, do these things to get back into your account:
• Check your email folders:
Spam Folder: Look in your spam folder for the email that changes your password. Please mark it as "not spam" if you find it.
Multiple Email Addresses: Make sure you're checking the right email address if you have more than one linked to Resume Coach.
Look for words like "Resume Coach" or "password reset" in the search bar in your email inbox to find the message.
• Ask for Another Reset:
Go back to the page where you can reset your Resume Coach password and ask for another email. The problem could be caused by short delays.
• Check the network:
Before you try to reset your password again, make sure your internet connection is stable.
• Get in touch with Resume Coach Support:
Send an email to [email protected] if the issue gets worse. The support staff will help you figure out what to do.
• Visit the website to find out how to get in touch:
You can find more ways to get in touch with Resume Coach on their website or on their social media pages.

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